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Grain spreaders will improve your grain drying and storage by gently moving your grain evenly throughout the bin area. The Econo-Mizer Grain Spreaders make grain spreading efficient and easy. The Bin Level models have convenience and durability built in. Gravity Flow Spreaders require no electricity. Today's economy demands maximum efficiency in every facet of your farming operation.

  Econo-Mizer Bin Levels
High Capacities
With capacities up to 5000 bushels per hour, the Econo-Mizer spreaders can keep pace with your fast paced harvest season. Capacity adjustment is made with a simple baffle adjustment from the top of the bin. All Econo-Mizer models have a center cone flow baffle.
Easy Adjustment
We design all of your equipment for every day farm-tough use with your convenience in mind. The easy adjustments to the baffle for capacity is just the beginning. The same simple adjustments of the pan sweeps are possible for different bin sizes and to make changes in the center filling rate.
installation is a snap with our suspension system. This is the same system used in our popular Bin Level Products.
  Econo-Mizer Bin Levels
982 & 986
The 982 features a 1/3 HP, 115 volt, totally enclosed motor.
The 982 has the same spreading capacities as the Bin Level 918. (See Bin Level Section.)
The 986 features a 1 HP, 230 volt, single-phase, totally enclosed motor.
Capacities of:
• 2500 bushel per hour rate of heavy grain for bins 31 to 48 ft. in diameter.
• 3500 bushel per hour rate of heavy grain for bins 28 to 42 ft. in diameter.
• 3500 bushel per hour of light grain for bins 25 to 36 ft. in diameter.
  Econo-Mizer Bin Levels 996
Features a 1-1/2 HP, 230 volt, single phase, totally enclosed motor.
Capacities of:
• 5000 bushel per hour rate of heavy grain for bins 28 to 48 ft. in diameter.
• 5000 bushel per hour rate of light grain for bins 25 to 36 ft. in diameter.
• Innovative flow baffle cone capacity adjustment.
Bearing Cover   Center Cone Flow Baffle   Center Fill Adjustment for 982   Center Fill Adjustment for 996  
  Gravity Flow
Grain Spreaders
Gravity Flow Spreaders are used to distribute dry grain in storage bins. The force of the falling grain against the curved vanes in the chute causes a slow, even rotation to provide a gentle distribution of grain. Gravity Flow Spreaders require no electricity.

The chute is designed to divide the flowing grain and distribute it into four concentric rings in the bin. Fines and light material remain with the flowing mass of grain and are distributed away from the center of the bin.

Two different models and options are available to provide spreading capacities from 200 to 10,000 bushels per hour (BPH) in storage bins ranging from 18' to 72' in diameter.

Model 10,000
Up to 72' Diameter.
10,000 BPH

Hopper is equipped with angled baffles to gently and evenly direct grain onto the chute.

Chute is adjustable for different diameter bins. Optional chute extension is available.
  Scattergrain Models        
  Models FFD-200-1 & FFD-200-3
• Handles up to 6,000 BPH.
• Blade extension allows filling in bins up to 50 ft. in diameter at reduced fill rate.
• Energy efficient 1 HP, single or 3 phase motor.
• Heavy duty 14 ga. cone.
• All galvanized construction.
  Model FFD-120-WH
• Handles up to 3,000 BPH.
• Fills bins up to 50 feet or larger in diameter.
• Energy efficient 1/2 HP, 115 volt, single phase motor.
• All galvanized construction.
• Standard wide throw blade.
• Standard flow diverter kit.
  Scattergrain Features
A Scattergrain is such a sensible investment for you. Their distributors blade has adjustable grain guides and extensions that can be adjusted to reach the outer edges of the specific bin diameter. Exclusive damper-controlled center openings adjust to fill the difficult center section.
Heavy Construction
Scattergrain units are built of heavy gauge steel and heavy duty fittings that give years of service with minimum maintenance.
Sealed Gear Drive
Assembled and sealed at the factory and attached directly to drive motor. The gear drive is encased in heavy duty, high temperature, food grade lubricant which assures virtually years of maintenance free operation. No need to worry about belts breaking or constant belt adjustment.
Enclosed Motor
Scattergrain motors are completely sealed against outside dust and moisture. Contain internal automatic reset overload protection.
Adjustable Mount
All Scattergrain models mount in openings up to 31 inches in diameter. Special adaptor fits openings up to 60" in diameter.
Damper Plates & Grain Guides
Adjustable plates in blade allow grain to be distributed in the center of the bin. The grain guides adjust to help distribute grain to outer areas.
Vari-Speed Control
Model 3000VS has variable speed from 0 to 100%. Operation is controlled by an electronic silicone rectifier that provides for uniform level filling, from bottom to top, of all size bins through the 50' range. Control mounts on outside of grain bin at ground level to provide easy and convenient adjustment.
Anti-Friction Bearings
Output shaft runs on anti-friction bearings, encased in lubricant and sealed for exceptionally long life.
Adjustable Grain Guide
Sealed Gear Drive & Motor
Adjustable Mount
Center Fill Damper
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